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Enjoy FL Camping with the Shealy Family


Camping in Florida is as much a rite of passage for outdoorsy families as it is anything else. Having said that, there are a ton of places where you can enjoy FL camping in style without funneling yourself into the tourist meat grinder.


The greatest luxury that you will find camping anywhere across the state of Florida is shade/ tree coverage, especially during the summer months. Fires become obsolete once the temperatures enter the 90's and higher, however shade is always desired. One thing you will find unique about our camp is the mix of vast open area and tall, beautiful Cypress trees.

While the landscape always makes its great first impressions, further investigation of the topography of the camp and surrounding areas only uncovers more hidden gems. Roam the camp during the day, catch and release freshwater fish from our ponds, or take a walk across the street to a hidden hiking trail unknown to many. 


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