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Everglades Seafood Festival Camping

Affordable Everglades Seafood Festival Camping Locations.


The Everglades Seafood Festival is a wondrous blend of great food, good music, and enjoyable arts and crafts. The festival can be an amazing way for the family to bond while taking in some of the bounties that the Everglades has to offer. Unfortunately, it can get pretty crowded around the area, so you'll need to start looking for the best Everglades Seafood Festival camping spots in the area.


If you want a little bit of adventure but a lot of comforts, you'll want to go to Trail Lakes for your Everglades Seafood Festival camping needs. Trail Lakes Campground is an authentic campground that is operated by a family of traditional Gladesmen. Once you get to Trail Lakes, you'll find a variety of different cabins and huts available to rent. You'll also have the option to rent your own private plot for a tent or RV.


Contact the Shealy family at the Trail Lakes Campground to discuss your rental!

Trail Lakes Campground