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See the Beauty of the Everglades from the Comfort of Trail Lakes Campground


As one of the most important natural regions in the United States, the Everglades is absolutely pivotal to the health of countless species. The Everglades is a freshwater marsh that sprawls across thousands of miles along the tip of Florida, starting at Lake Okeechobee. Despite the fact that the glades have essentially halved in size, there are still some amazing destinations for camping enthusiasts. If you want to see the Everglades as it should be seen, you'll want to head to the Trail Lakes Campground. Florida camping and Florida camping near the Everglades are two massively different concepts. After all, there is a slight difference between your traditional wooded campground and the sprawling region known as the Everglades. No matter what your Florida camping goals are, you'll find yourself in good hands when you head to the Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee, Florida.


What makes the Trail Lakes Campground different from other comparable destinations is the management team, and unique property. The campground is completely owned and maintained by four generations of authentic, traditional Gladesmen, also known as the Shealy familyWhen you stay at the Trail Lakes Campground, you get not only a few of the world around you, but also all of the professional knowledge that the Shealy's are ready to impart. As any camper knows, knowledge can be invaluable, especially when you are heading to somewhere new. If you want a little bit of adventure but lots of comforts, we can provide. Once you enter our camp, you will find a variety of native style structures as well as small camping cabins, all available for rent based upon availability. You'll also have the option to rent your own private plot for a tent or RV. The chickee cottages in particular provide a front row sear to the wonders that the area has to offer. If any questions are had upon arrival about the property or wildlife, please do not hesitate to ask. All of our staff members hold a wealth of information. 

Make sure to pack some food, wilderness supplies, sunblock, bug spray, and a good camera. Trust us, there is plenty to see once you start touring the Everglades!

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