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See the Beauty of the Everglades from the Comfort of Trail Lakes Campground.


The Everglades is a freshwater marsh that sprawls across thousands of miles along the tip of Florida, starting at Lake Okeechobee. Despite the fact that the Everglades has essentially halved in size, there are still some amazing destinations for camping enthusiasts. If you want to see the Everglades as it should be seen, you'll want to head to the Trail Lakes Campground.


What makes the Trail Lakes Campground different from other comparable destinations is the management team. The campground is completely owned and maintained by four generations of authentic, traditional Gladesmen. As any camper knows, knowledge can be invaluable, especially when you are heading to somewhere new.


Whether you've been to the Everglades before or are making your first trip, you'll want to discuss an authentic guided safari from the Shealy family. You'll see the preserve in ways that few other people actually ever do, thus allowing you to really appreciate the ecosystem for what it is.