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Florida Camping

Florida Camping Made Easy at Trail Lakes Campground.


Florida camping and Florida camping near the Everglades are two massively different concepts. After all, there is a slight difference between your traditional wooded campground and the sprawling region known as the Everglades. No matter what your Florida camping goals are, you'll find yourself in good hands when you head to the Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee, Florida.


The Trail Lakes Campground has become one of the most popular campgrounds in the southern region of Florida. Thanks to the traditional knowledge possessed by its authentic Gladesmen owners, visitors to Trail Lakes are treated to an experience unlike any other. While you might enjoy setting up your own tent, we highly recommend booking a traditional chickee hut. These thatched huts offer a wonderful lofted view of the Everglades while grounding your trip in something a little more natural.


Make sure to pack wilderness supplies, sunblock, and a good camera. Trust us, there is plenty to see once you start touring the Everglades!

Trail Lakes Campground