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Everglades National Park Hotels

Staying at the Best Everglades National Park Hotels in Florida.


Booking a trip to the Everglades can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Of course, the outcome of your trip will be closely tied to finding the best Everglades National Park hotels in the area. After all, if you are going to see the Everglades, you might as well make sure to do it right!


While you can't go wrong with anywhere that you stay, if you are heading to the Everglades you might as well set your sights on Ochopee, Florida. In Ochopee, you'll find the Trail Lakes Campground. This beautiful campground serves as a front door to more than two million acres of wilderness. When you start looking for Everglades National Park Hotels, how can you do any better than that?


Whether you opt for a cabin or a place to set up your tent, you'll want to make sure to talk to the campground about going on a private safari or group tour. Trust us, you'll want to see what their tours have to offer!

Trail Lakes Campground