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Everglades Campground

Visit The TOP Everglades Campground Around!


The Everglades is a region of natural tropical wetlands that span throughout the southern tip of Florida. While the Everglades is a massive region with plenty to see and many places to stay, you won't want to trust your trip to any regular old Everglades campground. Instead, you'll want to set your sights on the Trail Lakes Everglades Campground located in Ochopee, Florida.


The Trail Lakes Campground is owned and operated by the Shealy family. For four generations, the Shealy family has been living on and off of the Everglades. When you stay at the Trail Lakes Campground, you get access to the finest eco-tourism experience that is available in the entire state. At Trail Lakes, you can rent your own cabin or Chickee Huts. When you are done relaxing, make sure that you contact the Shealy family for one of their famous guided tours throughout the area. Remember to pack a hat and bring a camera!

Trail Lakes Campground