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Big Cypress National Preserve

See More With Eco-Tours at the Big Cypress National Preserve.


Staying at the Big Cypress National Preserve is only possible thanks to hardworking campground owners like the Trail Lakes Campground. When you stay at a place like Trail Lakes, you are given a front-row seat to the wonders that Florida's Everglades have to offer. You won't get views like this anywhere else in the world!


When you decide to book a campground at the Big Cypress National Preserve, you should prioritize places that offer an authentic experience. When you stay at Trail Lakes, for example, you have the option of booking a tour through Shealy's Guide Service. The Shealy family owns the Trail Lakes Campground, and they have been tied to the land for four generations. If you want an authentic Gladesmen experience, you really can't go wrong.


To book your guided Eco-tour, reach out to Trail Lakes today. Tours are available all year round, and they include kayaking, hiking, canoeing, poling, and camping.